Belles & Chimes Pinball

People are still playing pinball in leagues and tournaments all over the country.  Belles and Chimes New York is the second chapter of the All-Women's Pinball League that was started in Oakland.  Meet these women as they play in friendly competition.  Watch them dance with the machines.  Then watch them beat the machines up.  Listen to them talk ball control and game strategy.   Discover a community

Rose & Rosie: Prostitution in New York 1900-1920

A major aspect of the Progressive Movement was the attempt to regulate immorality. The Progressives were at the center of the temperance movement as well as other anti-vice campaigns. In New York these included committees against police corruption, gambling and prostitution. 

The campaign against prostitution was largely rhetorical: speeches and prayer meetings by clergy and upper-middle class women. Rose Livingston had a different approach to reform. She was a rescuer, not a reformer. Rose was a former prostitute and opium-addict who turned her life around and devoted it to saving young girls in New York's Chinatown. Many girls were kidnapped or lured into prostitution by men who promised marriage and kept prisoner as sex slaves. Rose would go into the houses where these girls were held captive and pull them out at great risk to herself. She was stabbed and shot multiple times. She was in and out of the hospital recovering from injuries and exhaustion. When she wasn't saving girls and returning them to their families she was travelling around the country telling her story and the stories of the girls she saved. In the end, it appears as if she worked herself right into a nervous breakdown.

As a woman during this time running a brothel was one of the only options for a woman to own and manage her own business. Most madams were savvy with finances and charming saleswomen. Rosie Hertz was one of the best in her profession.