Deena Ecker - Video Editor, Director, Producer

In the past decade Deena Ecker has blossomed from a self-taught to a much sought-after editor, crafting her profession with relentless dedication and precise intention. Working with number of editing software's, such as Adobe Premier, AVID, and Final Cut Pro, has allowed her to hone her skills and make her a force to be reckoned with.
Deena first caught the editing bug when she collaborated with her father on a short documentary for her high school senior project.  She finally found a way out of writing boring papers: making movies.
Brandeis University was Deena's next step. Despite being devoid of a film or editing major at the school, Deena took every chance she could find to put her editing skills to good use.  She took three semesters of film documentary classes where she made two full length movies.  Each was produced, directed and edited by Deena.  She was the first student in Brandeis history to graduate with honors by doing her thesis in the form of a film.  
In April 2007 Deena jumped at the chance to work at mlb.com giving her the unique opportunity to combine two of her passions: baseball and editing. Since joining the mlb.com family she has sharpened her Final Cut Pro skills, editing game highlights, player interviews, tribute packages, and variety show segments. She has also acted as the Assosciate Producer and Editor for the Mets team show "Next Stop Shea" which is played on the JumboTron at Shea before home games. 
Deena currently resides in New York City where she  edits documentaries, talent reels, dance videos, and promo pieces.  She is a render wonder.  If you need it cut, Deena Ecker is the one for you and your project. A focused video editor with a passion for video storytelling. A researcher who believes in fnding the story in the footage. Looking for freelance or full-time opportunities in video editing. 

(845) 596-2338