Deena Ecker - Video Editor, Director, Producer

In the past decade Deena Ecker has blossomed from a self-taught to a much sought-after editor, crafting her profession with relentless dedication and precise intention. Working with number of editing software's, such as Adobe Premier, AVID, and Final Cut Pro, has allowed her to hone her skills and make her a force to be reckoned with.

Deena edits short and feature length documentaries that range in subject from character profiles to historical subjects to current events. She has also edited entertainment news, sponsored content, dance videos, promotional videos, and sports news and highlights.

If you need it cut, Deena Ecker is the one for you and your project. A focused video editor with a passion for video storytelling. A researcher who believes in fnding the story in the footage. Looking for freelance or full-time opportunities in video editing. 

(845) 596-2338